No-Cost Way to Get Your Business or Cause Noticed on the Web

Do you want your business to be found on Google? Are you skeptical that your website will show up in Google searches among millions of competitors? You should be...we are a web development firm in Maine, and we know the difficulties our clients face getting noticed on the web.



No money required, simply write short blog posts on a leading events website in Portland and Boston -- By having your name and business profile associated with our high-traffic website, you are increasing the chances that your business website will be found near the top of Google searches.

How It Works

 Do something fun around town

 Take a picture

 Upload photo to our site and write a few paragraphs about it


This content will be featured on our home page, and it will appear on many of the over 12,000 pages we currently have indexed with Google.  Each of your posts will include an "About the Author" section at the bottom, which is automatically fed from your profile page on the website.  

Having information about your business or cause associated with our site will bring you significant exposure.  In return, our readers benefit from the value of your insights on local culture, people, and activities.

Suggested Topics

We are looking for positive, short posts on the following topics:

  • - Brief reviews on restaurants and local attractions
  • - Local Artist/Musician profiles
  • - Art venues and exhibits
  • - Various music events around town
  • - Personal reflections about events, artists, or venues
  • - Profiles of local favorites


Contact us if you are ready to take your business to the next level: