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Desfina Restaurant
202 3rd St
Cambridge, MA
(617) 868-9098

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Desfina Restaurant  

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You can learn a lot about Greece from the place mats at Desfina. Crowded onto each sheet of crinkly paper are a drawing of the Parthenon, a map of Greece, and a history lesson. "Western Civilization and Democracy were developed by the Ancient Greeks," it says. "Aristotle argued that the earth is round 1800 years before Columbus. Hippocrates was the father of Modern Medicine."


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Not a complimentary review
Why do restaurants serve fresh bread that has been sitting around so long that it is stale? Or have they served it once and think we won't notice? Which leads me on to my next rant - I am an idiot...
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Greek Food: Great, Authentic, Anachronistic
They don’t creat restaurants like Desfina anymore — at least not in Cambridge, MA where the order of the day is experimentation not authenticity. There will be no foam on the side of the plate nor a...
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Solid Greek food
This restaurant is a good option for Greek food in the area. Standard menu and good service. Within walking distance of the Kendall Square T stop.
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