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Granary Tavern
170 Milk St
Boston, MA
(617) 449-7110

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Granary Tavern  

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In search of a sun soaked patio, a truly unique dining experience or just an engaging place to socialize, the Granary Tavern on the Greenway is the answer. A place where rustic and modern elements meld seamlessly to create a casually-stylish environment.

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Great for Kids & Adults!
Wow! We discovered this restaurant on a recent trip to Boston with two families, including five kids. It was recommended on a mommy site as a great place to eat near the aquarium. The service was...
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Great Lunch
My boyfriend and I wanted a small lunch before a day in Boston. This was the best place we could have picked! The food was relatively cheap (only $18 for a huge lobster roll). The location is perfect...
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Good food, good friendly service.
Has everything you can think of at a pub/ Very clean, friendly service, though during busy hours can be a little loud. Servers hustle but dont rush you. Food was delicious. Kid friendly (has out...
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