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Film Chowder  

Established in 2010, Film Chowdah is a yearly film festival open to college students in the state of Maine.  The mission of the festival is to create a creative environment where students can show their best work, network with other college filmmakers and begin making connections with industry professionals.

The judges for the event are hand chosen professionals that represent a cross section of the Maine filmmaking community.  Each judge will bring in a unique perspective on the work based upon his or her individual level of expertise.

For a students work to be considered, they must be enrolled at least part-time in a college within the State of Maine.  All material in the film should be student created.  Any music in the film that is not student created, must have an accompanying release form granting the student permission to use the songs for their production.

Film Chowdah will award a very specialized array of prizes to the top films in the following categories: Best Animation, Best Documentary Film, Best Narrative Film and Best Experimental Films.  Secondary prizes will be awarded for: Best Cinematography, Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Actor and Best Actress.