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she doesn't like guthries
115 Middle Street
Lewiston, ME
(207) 376-3344

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she doesn't like guthries  

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she doesn't like guthries

Our vision for Guthries came from a desire to run a business that supports our family, our community, and our environment. First and foremost, we are fortunate to be family owned, operated, and maintained. The musicians, artists, and craftsmen that have graced our venue are a tribute to local creativity, talent, and expertise. We support Earth friendly choices through our purchase of biodegradable take out containers and utensils, our choice to recycle and compost, and our purchases of produce grown using sustainable practices. We support other locally owned businesses such as Coffee By Design, Izzy’s Cheesecakes, Borealis Breads, Laughing Stock Farm, Fresh Start Farms, Peak Organic, Sebago Brewing Co., Maine Beer Co., Backyard Beauties, and Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages. We are excited to share these things with our patrons, who, with each visit, continue to make Guthries a reality.


Art & Culture | Performance

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Quick delicious lunch Bohemian style
Best albacore tuna salad panini ever. I have never had something I did not like. Burritos are to die for. Vegetarians, vegans and gluten free needs are easily met. Love the diversity of the regulars.
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Must have heard wrong
Zombies with no personalities for service people cold bland tastless tacos Quesadilla with only onion for flavoring more zombie type salsa See absoultly no reason to ever darken their door way...
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Terrific atmosphere and food
I was staying at a nearby hotel and decided to take a walk before dinner. I spotted Guthries as I came along Main Street and Middle Street. As you walk in, it has a nice friendly and comfortable...
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